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TrafficPatterns™ Decorative Crosswalk & Traffic Calming Surfaces

TrafficPatterns™ is a durable pre-formed thermoplastic pavement marking material used in hardscape installations for streetscapes and crosswalks. It is engineered with safety, durability and aesthetics in mind.


High Performance Crosswalks Parks, Plazas & Pedestrian

Traffic Calming & Streetscapes Horizontal Branding & Wayfinding

TrafficPatterns™ provides a cost-effective alternative to the use of brick pavers because the material is surface applied and virtually maintenance free. TrafficPatterns™ comes in a variety of colours and patterns and can also be manufactured to create custom designs on both asphalt or concrete.

TrafficPatterns™ is the pavement surface solution designed to:

  • Improve traffic safety especially at intersections and multi-use paths
  • Enhance visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Promote community image and pride
  • Create unique custom artwork on both asphalt or concrete
  • Create median or island effect without the use of raised curb

TrafficPatterns™ Patterns and Borders

Patterns & Boarders

TrafficPatterns™ Standard Colours

TrafficPatterns - Standard Colours

TrafficPatterns™ Patterned Premium Colours

TrafficPatterns - Patterned Premium Colours

TrafficPatterns™ Solid Standard and Premium Colours

TrafficPatterns - Solid, Standard & Premium Colours