StreetBond - Advanced Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete

With 25 years of experience in specialized asphalt coating development, StreetBond™- Advanced Coatings have been proven in a variety of conditions in over 40 countries worldwide. StreetBond™ bonds permanently to asphalt and concrete surfaces to provide both a durable and decorative finish that is low- maintenance and a finish that protects and extends the life of the pavement.


Traffic Calming & Streetscapes Traffic Calming & Streetscapes

 Commercial Parking Lots Commercial Parking Lots

Parks, Plazas & Pedestrian Parks, Plazas & Pedestrian

Public Art Public Art

Green Bike Lanes Green Bike Lanes


  • Flexible – StreetBond coatings work with the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt surfaces and will not peel, delaminate or crack.
  • Durable – StreetBond coatings are tough enough to withstand traffic wear, highly resistant to water damage and have superior adhesion characteristics.
  • Environmentally Responsible – StreetBond coatings help contribute to a healthy environment. They are non-toxic, fully recyclable and water-based. They have very low volatile organic content (VOC).
  • Chemical Resistant – StreetBond coatings are resistant to damage and deterioration when exposed to fuel, engine oil and de-icing agents.
  • Color Stable – StreetBond coatings incorporate UV stable pigments that are fade-resistant when exposed to harsh sunlight.
  • Slip & Skid Resistant – StreetBond coatings have excellent friction properties resulting in safe slip- and skid-resistant coloured asphalt surfaces that exceed all government regulated vehicle skid resistance requirements.


  • Crosswalks
  • Parking lots
  • Medians
  • Roundabouts
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Driveways
  • Streetscapes

StreetBond Traditional Colours

StreetBond Traditional Colours

StreetBond Solar Reflective Colours

StreetBond Solar Reflective and Bike Lane Colours

StreetBond Bike Lane Colours

StreetBond Bike Lanes Colors

StreetBond Bike Lane Colours

StreetBond Signature Colours